Hi, my naughty mates all over the world,

Before telling my up date, attention. Ifm off to Japan tomorrow, so if you wanna send back your e-mail, could you use my another address as follows, please?



Ifm back to Sydney, which is bloody busy city as usual. There are many under construction places for Olympic game in 2000.

Before getting here, of course, I was betting in my office, that is, CASINO. But as you would expect, I lost actually. Ha, ha, ha, ha----. Oh my god!!!!!

Now my long journey for 1 year and 2 months is end completely, and gambling travel in OZ as well. OZ is fucking crazy country, so I would never come here except Tasmania. As I said before, they make everything join tour and miss our originality. I like to build up the travelling by myself, so NZ could be more suitable for me.

My goal of this travelling, which is including to study English, could be attained. I got heaps of oversea friends, especially in Tauranga, NZ. We were working and drinking together, and Ifm bloody happy to still keep contact with them by e-mail. They make me realize that studying English is not only to go to school, but to talk, talk and talk with foreigners. I have to appreciate for them. Lovely cheers. But my English is still poor, so I need much more training. Ok, my next goal is to understand US movie, BBC, and CNN, of course, SIMPSON as well. Ha, ha, ha, ha----.

Ifm off to Japan anyway, but wanna keep travelling definitely. For doing that, need much more money. Money, money, money.

Nice to meet you anyway. Keep in touch, please.

See ya somewhere.

7/5/1999 from Sydney

Manabu Kato