Hi, my naughty friends,

Ifm in Cairns a moment. Rain, rain, and rain everyday. Still rainy season now. So nothing to do everyday. Horrible!!! I got a lift from Darwin to Townsville with English girl, Scottish guy and Japanese guy. This English girl was fucking bad!!! She was English, but Indian originally. What I hate most in the world are Indian people actually. Thatfs why, Ifve got nightmares during our driving.

When getting Townsville, I found a casino unfortunately, of course, betting there. Against my expectation, I won. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I was planning to change my hair or take scuba diving license if won in Cairns casino, but it was useless. So I lost in cairns casino. Jesus!!! There were too many Japanese young people there, almost of them don't know how to play black jack. That was horrible. Especially, Japanese working holiday makers are coming every night and lose much money. Heaps of Japanese people in the town as well. Crazy city!!! Where is here? Tokyo or Osaka? Tomorrow, Ifm down to Brisbane with calling in some place, and if I won in Brisbane casino, flight out to republic of Nauru or Tasmania.

By the way, during travelling in NZ, I got a home page and sent my updates to my friends around every month. A part of my manuscripts was adopted in NZ magazine for Japanese, which is "GEKKAN NZ" in May. I owe my friend, who is working in this editing office, one. So if you got time to see it, could you tell me your opinions, please? Back to Japan around 8th in May, if I lost.

Take care.

Manabu Kato