Hello, my crazy naughty friends,

Ifm in Darwin, so lost in Alice Springs casino. Oh, nnnno!!!!Darwin is bloody hot and humid, it is rainy season now, that's why. I don't wanna anything because of this fucking climate, so swimming in the pool every day. Of course, I went to casino here. Fortunately I stayed the best hostel off to the casino. Just 5 minutes walking to there!! Excellent. One day I won there, but around 100 bucks. Not so good for me. So the another day went to there again and lost. oooooooh, mmmmmmy gggggggod!!!!! Well, Ifm heading to cairns tomorrow with an English girl. I found her lift, but going together with her is only me. This cost could be expensive, that's why, we are looking for 1 or 2 people more.

When I get in Cairns, of course off to the casino there. Ok, if I won more than 500 bucks, would change my hair like Bob Marley, otherwise, down to gold coast and Brisbane casino for revenge and gone to Japan. In the case of winning more than 1000 bucks, fly off to Perth casino. God bless me, please.

I don't still like oz anyway. They make everything tour trip. To join them is not my style. They miss our originality. But if you wanna travel here, recommend, Adelaide to Darwin and realize what a huge country here. The climate and plants are changing along the same road, like Temperate Zone firstly, desert, and rain forest finally. Well, itfs time to finish this.

See ya in Cairns or somewhere, perhaps in Perth.

Lovely cheers.