Hi, my mad friends,

Ifm in Alice Springs now, which is in the middle of oz. I went to casino in Adelaide but lost!!!!! So had to change my plan and got a lift off to around Ayers rock. The sunset of Ayers rock was incredible and that of Olga and kings canyon as well.

One day I climbed the summit of rocks, which was amazing!!! Spectacle view there!! Quite windy and Steep actually and to my most surprise, there was patch of the trees there. They grew up from the clack of rocks! My major was plant nutrition and molecular biology before, thatfs why, bloody interesting for me.

I was travelling with a Japanese guy and two Japanese girls for 10 days.

I was not happy to travel with Japanese people, but enjoyed it. We stayed in the cave one night and met an old German guy, who caught more than 10000 crocodile and model of the movie, ' Crocodile Dandy'. We got good experiences actually, but I don't still like oz a moment and prefer NZ.

By the way, I found a casino in Alice Springs, so off to there from now. If I won, heading to Perth or back to Sydney then Nauru by air, otherwise, go to Darwin by night bus. I can't recommend this casino, because there are many tourist and heaps of beginners. But I go there.

Ok, see ya later in Perth or Darwin, perhaps somewhere.

Manabu Kato