Hi, there

Ifm your bloody mad Japanese guy, Manabu. Ifm in Melbourne now and changed my plan. Firstly I wanna heading to republic of Nauru, so tried to get air ticket in Sydney. If I go to Nauru of course can get it. But my plan was Nauru, then Kiribati (or Marshall island) and Guam. I can't get this ticket at the travel agencies in oz. There is air Nauru Company and embassy in Melbourne and visited there. Whatfs an amazing building!!!! Itfs a tall and beautiful. The building name is Nauru house. The office is 49F and got some information. Nauru is probably Rich County and only rich people go there for travelling and business. There are 2 hotels, no backpackers and camping ground. This country is only 21 square kilometers (8 square miles), so just half a day is enough for going around. The cost of air is quite expensive,

Thatfs why, I abandon and change my plan for travelling around oz. but I donft like city like Sydney and Melbourne.

By the way, I went to casino in Auckland and won!!!! But lost in Sydney. Melbourne casino is bloody huge!! Bigger than that of Sydney. Too many people are coming there, and almost of them are drunken. I went there twice, daytime and early morning, but too many beginners and pissed off guys. Thatfs crazy!! I was planning, if I won, go to Tasmania, but couldnft bet. So heading to Adelaide casino tomorrow.

Ifm probably back to Japan in April, because transportation is quite expensive and I don't like oz.

Take care.

p.s. to Kokoro san

I show you information about Melbourne casino. The minimum table is 5 bucks in black jack and 2 in roulette. But not so many 5 bucks table, only 4 or 5. Almost 10 and 15 bucks table. Huge anyway. 30 minutes walking from city center. You can win, if no beginner and drunken people there. I guess, weekday is better for betting. Good luck!!