Whatfs up? vol. 4

Hello. Naughty mate!!

Ifm currently in BKK, so my adventure in Laos was already over. Well, I did recommend getting there. People are normally quite shy and conservative, especially kids. They are fucking lovely. I love them. As i told before, Lao tourism had started just 10 years before, that's why, people are not familiar with tourists very much actually, and nevertheless Laos are surrounded by the touristic countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This year is visit year, which is like advertisement, so there are much under construction places, in particular road from central to south.

In Laos, the bus, however, is only transportation except flight and boats in Mekong river, the around 60% road are still unsealed. I mean, it is around central to south, as far, northern one are too horrible, so I could not describe how it is. No delivery service is there and people gonna bring too much staff, which are sometimes included alive pigs, ducks and chickens, into the bus.

The bus is normally truck one and crowded inside, so someone is on the roof. When the bus is stopped or the vehicles are coming, too much dust is getting in the air. Moreover road is quite bad. To shift town to town is very hard job there, you know.

One day, I went to Don Khon, which is the small island in the Mekong river around the boarder of Cambodia. There are more than 4,000 islands around there. Of course, no electric, no water supply and no gas. I was traveling with a Japanese girl at that time, and stayed in the cozy hut. Water was absorbed from Mekong river, so we had to use only this water even when taking a shower. At night, it was quite hard to sleep because of no fan and sometimes too many mos. It, however, should be no worry once we had spent a day there. People were fucking friendly and kids were bloody, bloody, bloody lovely. They were always saying to us,

" Sabady (hello)."
And we were sometimes playing together.

We watched dolphins hopping over the surface of the river. It was fantastic. We were sometimes off to the waterfalls to swim with local kids and had a nap during daytime, then drunk beer at night.

It would be like a heaven. Most of tourists (not so much there) wanna stay longer, I could recognize their mind. Don Khon is my most favorite place in Laos anyway.

After that, I went to near the boarder of South Vietnam that was much less touristic than Don Khon. Just a few accommodations in each town. When I was walking on the street, people usually gazed at me, which were not like crazy Indian people. I mean, it was quite uncommon that tourist was there actually. Some kids were behind something and when I was getting close to, they ran away or burst into crying.

One day I met two Lao homosexuals (I don't know why I got many opportunities like that when I'm oversea) nevertheless I was in not touristic place. The one was suddenly hugging me with having a voice,

" My daring (who is his during, right?)!!"

And another was touching my body with scary smiles. I hate homosexual, you know. I have to recognize it to them over the world, right? It was nightmare anyway.

Ok, I already got a ticket to Myanmar, and waiting to pick up the visa a moment. I met some tourists just come back from Myanmar and almost of them had some trouble of their stomach. So I have to take care of myself, of course, Myanmar ladies as well. Ha, ha, ha. I got information that there are no cyber net there, so if you wanna tell me something, can you send it till I'm in BKK, please? Ifm gone on Sunday.

See ya.

From BKK
Manabu Kato