Whatfs up? Vol.3

Whatfs up, everyone?
Ifm just back from Laos and in Khon Kaen, north-east Thailand, a moment (sorry, doggie. Ifve already passed through Malaysia.). I, however, tried to extend Lao visa in the immigration of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, got some trouble. Thatfs why, i got out from there once and gonna the consulate here again.

I have been to northern Laos for 2 weeks, it was quite nice. There were, of course, heaps of tourists everywhere, but only 10 years passed since the tourism had started there. So people were very shy and conservative, when i was walking on the street, bloody lovely kids called to me with smiling,

" Sabady (hello)."

They tend to hide behind something or running away when Ifm getting closer. There are, of course, some begging kids, but it cannot be avoided, because we are there, you know.

In most villages of northern Laos, electric supply is limited, which is between 6 pm to 9 pm. but no electric light and no water supply in most of houses. People are using public water supply to wash their body and dished. Someone still go to river to do so. They usually live in the straw thatched house with the high floor. With the exception of the main road, generally unsealed road are spread everywhere, so it getting dusty when cars passing through.

The bus is normally track bus. Only few buses connect from town to town a day and if people are coming to the bus stop, the bus would be gone. Otherwise, it is still waiting, sometimes for a couple of hours. I guess, here could be no delivery service, so people wanna load too much luggage or boxes into the seats and roofs and the inside is fucking crowed, moreover, we cannot move at all till the arrival. We, however, have to ride more than 3 hours without break time. So when someone wanna piss, the bus is stopped and doing outside, of course women as well.

In addition, there are many holes on the road, so whenever the bus is willing to escape from them, it is rattling badly and we all have some troubles in the stomach. But we have to accept that this is Laos, you know.

Laos is a little bit cheaper than Thailand, but accommodation is much better which is clean and cozy. Normally the room has double beds or twin one, so to share with someone is reasonable. Lao beer of a bottle, on the other hand, is quite cheap, which costs less than us$1.

Lao ladies are quite beautiful. I think they are more beautiful than Thai ladies are. One day, I went to a restaurant where a beautiful lady was working. She has nice body and is about 150 cm tall. She was my type actually. After eating, I said to her in Lao language," You are very beautiful."

Of course, it should be joking, but she got it seriously and invited me to a dinner. However, after thinking too much, I refused her invitation. As you recognize, I must be a playboy like Kevin Cousner (sorry for this excessive description), but I don't wanna hurt women's heart, you know. In spite of my mind, she got too much making up with smiling to me next day. How can I do that? I got several situations like that in Thailand as well. It should be wrong that Lao ladies are beautiful anyway, so I'm not wrong, you know.

Laos is nice country actually, so I do recommend there. But you should care of drugs, because it is quite easy to get.

Ok, that is enough for writing now, I can get one month visa today, so gonna Laos tomorrow again. Then down to southern Laos. I have to take care of Lao ladies absolutely. Ha, ha, ha----.

See ya somewhere.

If you wanna get to Khon Kaen, you should go to the cyber net. I guess, here should be the cheapest in Thailand.

Bangkok 60B an hour (us$1.8)
Chiang rai 30B an hour (us$0.9)
Khon Kaen 15B an hour (us$0.45)

From Khon Kaen, Thailand
Manabu Kato