Whatfs up? vol. 2

Hi, 200 million supporters of mine over the world,

Howfs it going, mate?
I'm currently in Bangkok. Kaosan Street is totally changed than I've been 3 years before. It could be a little bit cleaner and heaps of tourist here, especially naughty Japanese students. I'm waiting for the visa of Laos, so spending bored time lately.

I got in Malaysia by bus from Singapore and heading to KL which is capital of Malaysia. When I got into Malaysia, the atmosphere was getting Asian countries and smelling as well. I love them. One day, unfortunately I got an information of there is a casino out of KL. I have to bet there, then was off to immediately. But I won't describe the result here. Can you imagine by yourself, please?

Then I took a bus to Cameron Highlands where there are many sorts of farms like tea plant, strawberry, cabbage and so on. It is quite cool place because of 1500m high above see level. I did jungle walk with an OZ guy and one day we visited the neighbor village for Hindu festival, which was crazy anyway. Some Indian were sticked a long bar into their cheek from left to right and walking with dancing heading to a temple. I couldn't understand this meaning but which must be very important for them.

After that, I was off to Penang Island, which is tourist place. There are many tall hotels and buildings. I hired a motorcycle there but it was very hard job for me, because I can't read Malay words and was stranger there. In addition, the air was bloody dirty and heavy rain was coming suddenly in the middle way to town. I never try to do it.

Then I went to Thailand to call in Phi Phi Island, which is the stage of the movie " the Beach". Of course Reonald Decaplio (I don't know his spelling) came here last year. The beach is quite beautiful. White sands crystal clear water, and strong sunshine. I did snorkeling and could watch heaps of tropical fish and coral reefs. Moreover I could see Thai boxing "Muethai" there. I spent useful day actually, but disappointed a little because this island was quite touristic.

And I was up to Bangkok to get into Laos. Well, Lao visa would be ready this evening, so go to the travel agency from now.

Ok, it could be time to say farewell today.
See ya in Laos or somewhere.

From BKK, Thailand
Manabu Kato