Whatfs up? vol. 1

Hello, 150 million supporters of mine over the world,

Whatfs up?
Ifm currently in Singapore where it's raining every day. Itfs not so hot but when sunshine is coming, getting humid. Singapore is busy county anyway. There are lots of high buildings and cars, but the road is clean and I find lawns everywhere. Train is clean too.

I stayed a dormitory in which there is no key of course no hot shower. So I have to take care of my luggage all the time. Here is bloody dirty hostel actually, but it is not important for me if I can stay somewhere.

On my next door, some beautiful Chinese ladies (I thought so firstly) are living and we met sometimes in front of a lift. One day, I heard their talking and found that they are homosexual. Their voices are male. Oh my god!! I heard, there are many homosexuals in South East Asia, in particular Thailand. But I can't realize their looking.

One day I went to little India where there are many Indian shops and as I expected, heaps of Indian people there. Where is here? I hate them very much since I've been in India. They were looking at me anytime, thatfs why, I don't like their eyes.

China town is not so good, because of just selling souvenirs. I prefer it in Sydney, in which we can eat great traditional Chinese meals.
Island is terrible. Nothing to do there. I mean, this place was not attractive for me.

Singapore is boring country actually. In fact, this country is very convenient to live. There are many supermarkets and departments. Transportation system is very good. Moreover inside of them espaciary subway is quite clean. But I guess this country wants just to catch up with the developed countries like Japan. Ifm thinking of

" What is modernization?h
all the time Ifve been staying here.

As I said already, Singapore is boring and nothing to do for me. I called in here just to be off to north. So it is time to depart heading to Malaysia. Ifll take a bus to the boarder tomorrow morning.

Hope all is good.
See ya in Malaysia or somewhere.

For Japanese friends
I found many Japanese department stores here, like Sogo, Takashimaya, Isetan, Seiyu and Daimaru. And Kinokuniya as well. Japanese culture is very common here, especially music. So I checked Japanese CD sales here. Ok, I show you them.

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