Summary about the way to Alaska

Hi, there. I finally got Vancouver, and was very exhausted. On the way to Alaska exactly Arctic Ocean, I got lots of adventures and stories I would never forget. And also I have to say "thanks a lot" for your help, kindness and hospitality. Thanks again. Sorry , but only what I can say is such a tiny word, so I need much better word than "thanks". I made this trip only by hitching (I took a ferry once, though), which might make me grow up more.
Well, I cannot describe my stories in short, so if you have some interest in it, can you access to my web site (, please? I don't upgrade yet, though. In the near future, I will do it.
Thanks again.

Vancouver, BC- Dawson City, Yukon (3059km, 16rides)

Jun 3 Vancouver - Whistler (125km, 2 rides)

Jun 4 Whistler -Prince George (633km, 7 rides)

Jun 5 Prince George -Dawson Creek (400km, 3 rides)

Jun 6 Dawson Creek -Fort Nelson (431km, 1 ride)

Jun 7 Fort Nelson -Watson Lake (491km, 1 ride)

Jun 8 Watson Lake -Whitehorse (453km, 1 ride)

Jun 9 Whitehorse -Dawson City (526km, 1 ride)


Dawson City, Yukon- Circle, Alaska (417km, 1 ride by kayaking)

Jun 13 Dawson City -40mile town site (83km)

Jun 14 40mile town site -Eagle (84km)

Jun 15 Eagle - ?? (about 80km)

Jun 16 ?? - ?? (about 80km)

Jun 17 ?? - Circle (about 90km)


Circle- Prudhoe Bay (Arctic Ocean) - Fairbanks, Alaska(1156miles, 15rides)

Jun 18 Circle -Fairbanks (162miles, 2 rides)

Jun 20 Fairbanks -Gobblers Knob (215miles, 5 rides)

Jun 21 Gobblers Knob -Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay) (282miles, 6 rides)

Jun 23 Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay) -Yukon Bridge (358miles, 1 ride)

Jun 24 Yukon Bridge -Fairbanks (139miles, 1 ride)


Fairbanks, Alaska - Haines, Alaska (1130miles, 15rides)

Haines - Prince Rupert, BC by ferry

Prince Rupert- Vancouver, BC (1498km, 8rides)

Jun 26 Fairbanks -Denali NP (123miles, 2 rides)

Jun 28 Denali NP -Anchorage (235miles, 4 rides)

Jun 30 Anchorage -Tok (335miles, 7 rides)

July 1 Tok -Haines (437miles, 2 rides)

July 2-4 Haines -Prince Rupert (took a ferry)

July 4 Prince Rupert -Terrace (exactly Usk) (170km, 3 rides)

July 5 Terrace - Quesnel (exactly Strathnaver)(669km, 1 ride)

July 6 Quesnel - Vancouver (659km, 4 rides)


My best regards
David (from Dawson Creek to Dawson City)
Thanks for a long driving. Did you enjoy my meals? By the way, where are you right now? Are you still in Dawson City?

Rutsu and Toyoko (in Dawson City)
Hi, naughty Japanese ladies. You guys are already in Japan? Did you enjoy a casino in Dawson City?

Colin (in Dawson City)
Did you still remember me? I sat in front of you at the black jack table. You are good dealer. How is your poker going? You still win?

Thorsten (in Yukon River)
Did you already get Bering Sea? If you did, can you tell me your stories, please? And as we promised, I gonna send some photos in Arctic Ocean to you, so can you tell me your German address, please?

Kenichi (in Yukon River)
Thanks for picking me up in your kayak. The kayaking was wonderful, wasn't it? Did you already get Bering Sea? And if you read this somewhere, tell me your address in Japan, please? I wanna ask something about Yukon River.

Darren (in Fairbanks)
Thanks for the BBQ and giving me rides. Welcome to Japan anytime, even if I'm not there, which is not big deal.

Rourke and Suzanne (in Fairbanks)
Thanks for the fish and beef steak which were yum, yum. And also thanks for the information about internet. I could read Japanese in the University of Alaska.

Mr. And Mrs. Kirchner (in Prudhoe Bay)
Thanks for rides twice (second one was really by chance). If I got a chance to go to Germany, I will definitely call you.

Kevin, Jelly and pretty Emily (in Haines)
Thanks for picking me up and lots of beer. Did you enjoy my Japanese meals? Haines is nice town. I like there.

David, Marilyn and Jrew (in Terrace)
Nevertheless such a short time, thanks for your hospitality. Hi, Jrew. As I said, if you wanna ask me something about trekking, hitching, traveling, camping and whatever, you should send me e-mail. Anytime welcomed. I could help you.

Willy (from Terrace to Cache Creek)
Thanks for long driving. I really enjoyed the view from your truck. And sorry about I couldn't go with you. I could spend great time anyway.

David (somewhere in South America)
Sorry about I couldn't be in time for your departure and couldn't talk with you by phone. I came back already, and was happy about Franky still remembers me and jumped on me and licked my face as usual. The garden is doing well (I gonna make it clean before leaving). Next weekend, I help Christa's show and be gone. I gonna be back to Vancouver in November, so shall we change our stories then? Have fun.

Marrie (Quebec or France)
Nice to hear from you. Did you enjoy your trip? Mind you, I don't recommend hitching in Canada. Canada is really huge country. I really realized about that.

Taiju (somewhere in Canada)
Taiju, where are you? Sorry about I couldn't see you in Vancouver. Take care your driving anyway.

Steve (SF)
I gonna get there soon. Let's drink together. Actually I gonna stay in my friend's house. I phone you then.

Okano san (Berkeley)
As I said, can you tell me your address and how to get there, please? See ya soon.

Deb (OR)
Deb, finally I'm heading to the states. We've never seen for such a long time. I cannot realize how far from SF to where you are. I'm supposed to be there till November (if I can, I wanna stay for a couple of years, though), so if you have spare time, we should drink again.

Jun san (Central America)
How is your Spanish going? Sorry about I couldn't send my reply. I can read Japanese right now.

Kokoro san (NZ)
I gonna stay in Vancouver till next week, so if you wanna ask me something, can you tell me as soon as possible? I can read Japanese right now.

Shizuka san (NZ)
I'm still alive. Ha, ha, ha---. So say to Walter, "Don't worry about me."

Kasai san (Japan)
Thanks for lots of information about Japan. I was very surprised about the accident at the elementally school in Ikeda, Osaka. And Hanshin Tigers is ----. I'm sad. From now, Japanese is OK.

Mei chan (Japan)
Hi, Mei chan. Genki? As I said before, I crossed Canada by hitching (not from Vancouver to Quebec, though). I figured out Hiroaki's mind.

Kim san (South Korea)
Sorry again, we cannot see each other here. By the way, how is your research going?

Keiko san (London)
By the way, did you meet Yuko san already?

Lazy guys at Beans Bros. (Vancouver)
I just stopped by Beans Bros. when I got Vancouver (because I was dropped off in Kerrisdale) and had a coffee. I checked your schedule on the fridge, but people were little bit changed especially busser. I cannot recognize some guys. I might be there this week again, but never work anymore, OK?

From Vancouver
Manabu Kato